Project Karystos


The project concerns a “mature” investment in Greece. The residential development (licensing procedure, construction) can start immediately after the purchase of the plots. KAPERONI BFG SA is the “project manager” of this huge residential development that can provide “Residence Visas” for interested persons/families.

  •  The project can provide 300 – 1.500 villas (turn-key solution)
  •  The plots can be sold separately.
  •  Provision of residence visas after buying property


• Number of plots: 300-1.500
• Size of plots: from 650 sq. m. – 820 sq.m.
• Construction: every house/villa will be 120 -180 sq.m.
• Construction Licenses approval: within 3 months’ time after the purchase of the plots
• Roads: finished
• Electricity: finished
• Telecommunications: finished
• Water supply: finished
• Estimated prices for villas: turn-key 300.000 € plus VAT
• Visa residence (third countries): 5+5 years
• Accessibility: through RAFINA port by ferry
• Modus: a development like Mykonos Island (Aegean style)
• Owners: 90% retired military people-10% their children
• Developer/Buyer: Pension Funds/Constructors/Immigration Companies
• Result: Villas with provision of RESIDENCE VISAS to interested people
• VISA for buyers of houses/villas (from third countries) will apply for 10 years period of time for all European countries of Eurozone.
• Purchase Transaction: Clear, quick with transparency & ethics