Philoxenia Project


Project “PHILOXENIA” is the development of a Chinese “City of Culture, Arts, Civilization and Commerce” in Greece, Europe. This investment project is a U.S.P. (Unique Sales Point) and will function as a special “tourist destination” and as “meeting point” of two big Cultures, P.R. of China and Greece. Through the business activities it will appear, internationally China’s Culture and Civilization in co-existence with Tourism and Business attracting more and more tourists, businessmen and interested Investors to invest in Greece Europe.

PHILOXENIA will be reflecting the Chinese Civilization and China’s Philosophy through its great history, being a pole of attraction for millions of visitors and tourists, in a unique environment. Apart from place of hospitality, of Chinese culture, philosophy and culture, it will be actually a “PARADISE” of arts, colours, pictures, flavours, spectacles, music, opera, modern business, all in a perfect infrastructure, connecting people from all over the world. At the same time, PHILOXENIA will be “a meeting point” for Chinese Businessmen in Europe. In fact, the project constitutes a “Cultural Opening” with great respect to Chinese Civilization and way of life.

Objectives of the project:
 To appear China’s CULTURE and CIVILIZATION to Europe, VIA GREECE.
 To define GREECE as a country of hospitality and reception of Chinese Culture and way of life.
 To promote Chinese Culture in Europe, Balkans and Middle East.
 To attract new investment capitals and Businessmen from China to Greece who will get Visa Residence Permits when investing in PHILOXENIA.
 To function as a Special Tourist Destination, for all those tourists from Europe and Middle East.

Installations of PHILOXENIA:
• Buildings of Cultural Exchange
• Conventional Center – Exhibition Centre
• Museum of Chinese History and Arts
• Theater – Opera
• Commercial Roads – shopping centers – restaurants- etc.
• 5 stars SUPERIOR Hotel
• “ The Friendship Building”
• Walking paths around the lakes (Chinese weddings, shows, happenings)
• Chinese Cultural Architectural Monuments
• Parks – Gardens – Open Area – Parking Lots

Revenues from the operation of PHILOXENIA are from:
1. Entrance Tickets
2. Conventional Centre (from Chinese or other companies)
3. Exhibition Centre (from Chinese or other companies)
4. Selling of 500 Shops (with visa residence permits)
5. Lease of the Hotel (Chinese brand name of hotels)
6. Opera Tickets
7. Museum Tickets
8. Weddings, shows in the lakes, etc

Land: The total layout will be approximately 200.000 sq.m.; the construction will be 132.000 sq.m. in a prime location, private land in Attica, 3’ from Athens airport.

Cooperation Agreements with:
1. Chinese and Greek Ministry of Culture and Civilization,
2. Chinese and Greek Ministry of Commerce,
3. Federation of The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship
5. Chinese Pension Funds (promoting overseas trips for their members)
6. Chinese Opera and Arts Organizations
7. Shaolin Institutes of education and Culture
8. International Tour Operators
9. Chinese Expo Business Companies, etc.

A very Special Donation:
It is of great honour that PHILOXENIA will offer to Chinese Embassy in Greece, thus to People’s Republic of China, “the Friendship Building”, which will be placed in the centre of PHILOXENIA to highlight China’s Big History.

The Investment: PHILOXENIA will provide tourism, commerce, hospitality, entertainment and cultural services, as well as shopping opportunities, in such a way to attract repeated visits from all over the world. The development of such a “town” constitutes a mature investment and business proposal. Its success is based on a Development and Operation Plan which provides for the offering of integrated and differentiated services, thus distinguishing PHILOXENIA from any other hospitality and/or entertainment – commercial centre, for its unique identity.

The total Investment is approx. 150 million euro. The IRR of this Investment reaches 61% in the first 10 years, which is considered quite attractive for the investors. PHILOXENIA can provide more than 500 permanent Residence Permits for the interested Chinese who will purchase a shop in PHILOXENIA.

Next to the land that PHILOXENIA will be developed, the Investors can exploit more than 500 villas for interested Chinese Citizens, who want to get Visa Residence permits in Greece and Europe. The distance from the international airport of Athens in only 3 kilometers.

PHILOXENIA ” Chinese Culture and Civilization Park” is going to be a “Strategic Investment” for Greece (Law 4146/13). The licensing process for investment plans will be facilitated as all building permissions will be authorized by Mayor of Spata and the Governor of Attica.

Project “PHILOXENIA” is a profitable investment project ready to be materialized in Greece.